Website Hosting
Fixed and bespoke hosting packages to cater for the simplest to the most complex requirements.
Our secure first ethos ensures your online presence continues to deliver the service and message your business wants to convey.

Hosting Features

Our basic hosting package which underpins all of our website hosting offerings. These opensource web servers have a proven track record for delivering fast and secure websites for over 65% of the worlds businesses.
Originally built as a Content Management System (CMS) for blogging websites, WordPress has grown to be the dominant website CMS tool behind over 60% of websites.
A flexible Content Management System (CMS) requiring a slightly higher technical knowledge than WordPress, but equally as capable.
To help maintain your site's security, we do not open up you Content Management System publicly to the entire internet.
We will liaise with you to implement the most secure access for your content admins to update your website.
All of our hosting packages include Operating System security updates as standard.
Our managed offerings also include Operating system upgrades and also security updates and upgrades to your CMS platform too.
CMS packages requiring a database server (WordPress & Joomla) have access to our off-net secure database servers. These servers are patched and upgraded regularly to ensure your data is safe.
Full backups are performed daily to a remote datacentre within our private network. Restores of your website can be made if a content admin makes a mistake or in the event of a system failure.
Our managed bundles include continuous site monitoring with alerts if your site goes down or is slow to respond.
This enables our technicians to troubleshoot and restore your service or proactively correct problems before they becomes an issue.
Does your site collect or display sensitive information or would you just like to remove the 'Not secure' banner from your website?
Our managed SSL service takes the pain out of procuring secure certificates and ensures your customers feel safe when visiting your site.
Our analytics platform gives you the insight on who your site visitors are and how they interact with your website.
This incredible tool will help you understand a huge amount about how well your site performs and also how you could improve your visitor's journey.